Is Python the best for me?

Hi guys,

I love to be so straightforward in my doings. I am searching for the best programming language to focus on.

Though, JavaScript came up to my mind, but people have done almost every finish with this.

I want something new, contribute with the growth of the world with programming, solving problems with programming.

Is Python the best language?

I learnt it is used in Machine learning, AL, robotics etc, these are the future - so is python the best for me?

Only you know what’s best for you. It might be that you are hopeless at Python, but incredible at c#

If Python interests you, it’s best to start out with something you’re enthusiastic about it and see how you get on. There’s nothing stopping you moving on to another language whenever you like and a successful developer will have strong visibility of a number of languages, so you’ll have to diversify one day anyway.

Ultimately though, no one here can make that call for you. Good luck.

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You have a plethora of languages that you can learn, but first and foremost, do you want to find a job? If yes, then i think you can do a search for the right language that your area use. Problem solving can be done in any language.

I can only speak for C#, Java and JS, but either Java or C# is a pleasure to work (don’t mind the “n” posts about Java being verbose, it’s a good thing and no it’s not dead!), about JS you will have to learn it anyway, front end is where JS is king. Give them a try :wink:

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From the sound of it, you seem to be saying “There’s so many coders in javascript, everything’s already been written in it that CAN be.” And that’s just silly.

How about this, though – I am pretty fluent in well more than a dozen programming languages. Which one is best depends entirely on the final intent, but one thing remains consistent – algorithms and design patterns. That is where many programmers are weaker, and where a true “master coder” can distinguish themselves.

Many of the questions that pop up, either on the JS forum or here or on other language boards (Ruby, Python, Perl, PHP) have to do with “Help, I’ve gotten tangled in the mire of logic and I can’t get out!” Learn to understand the logic that underlies the code, and the language becomes secondary.

Every language has some sort of branching system, some sort of looping mechanism, and some kinds of data structures. But the patterns to solving the logic is completely separate from all that, and applies to pretty much every language.

I see it as “big picture / detail” view. Start somewhere, learning the details, sure – but keep in mind the big picture view.

I’m not saying to learn all the languages you can, but learn to think outside whatever languages you choose, and into the level of logic and data structure.

Now, to answer your question, what are you curious about? Do you want to learn to code device drivers? Some languages excel at that. Do you want to create useful data feeds for web apps? Another set of languages are really good at that.

Find out your interest, and then find a language to fit that. Not the other way 'round.


There are no “best languages”. When you just starting your first language does not matter as long as it is used in industry. When you learning programming you just need to build up mindset, learn how to solve problems, write to clean code etc. Pretty much nothing you will be learning is tied to specific languages aside from keywords and small tricks.

Once you heavily use language for work 1-2 months you will know like 90% of it. Switching to another one will not take long either.

Most important thing is just to start learning it instead of doubting “what is best one”. Just pick whatever can do what you want to be doing and that is it.

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If you’re going to do a lot of numerical computations then I’d say yeah, Python’s sciPy libraries like numPy are very powerful with a lot of support. For web dev I’d say nah and stick with the curriculum here at fCC, there’s not really much choice but JavaScript for the client side anway…

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