Is Sass crucial

im a new self-taught web developer , im intending on making my portfolio and upload some projects … is it necessary to use Sass in my CSS to make my profile look more professional …now how prevalent Sass is within professional circles ?

Are you asking if SASS is necessary to make your portfolio look pretty? Or are you asking if SASS is necessary as a listed skill to attract employers?

For the first question, there is nothing you can do with SASS that can’t be done without it. But SASS does have some cool features which will make your life easier.

As to adding SASS as a skill, yeah, it helps. You see it on job ads. And some may use it but not list it because it’s relatively easy to learn.

Is it prevalent? Well, when I go to glassdoor, I get 10X the hits for CSS as I do for SASS. So, with that unscientific poll, that’s about 10%. And like I said, that’s probably artificially low.

Do you need to learn it? No. Would it be good to learn the basics? Sure, I think so.

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