Is Shopify Theme Programming easy?

Can someone with only essential/basic HTML,CSS,JS skills get a job making / editing Shopify themes??

Or is that just ridiculous.


As in will someone hire you? For literally just that, it’s a extremely niche skill in something that there’s not really a huge market for (Shopify is very widely used, but it’s not like the very early days of WordPress when a very small set of people made good money off selling themes) . It isn’t like there are loads of companies really in need of Shopify theme designers. You’re basically asking if you can get web development job with basic skills. Sure you can, it’s just very unlikely. Why would a company that specialised in Shopify-related work (if that company exists, I assume there will be several agencies that do) hire you over someone more skilled in just general web development? (Not a rhetorical question)

Can you make Shopify themes yourself & sell them? Sure, but again it’s a very niche thing, you’re not going to make much money (if any). It’s not as if there are a huge amount of people/businesses who want to purchase Shopify themes.

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