Is Svelte ready and mature enough to use in production on most apps?

Just wondering if it has been developed enough to use in production.

Also, can you integrate non-svelte code with svelte?

Sure, it has been for a while now, large numbers of companies are using it in production.

What do you mean by integrate non-svelte code with it?


I don’t know, for example if I wanted to implement another library, such as one that deals with slideshow carousels or a library like croppie. Pretty much another library that uses direct DOM manipulation.

I am wanting to integrate some pre-build code that uses DOM manipulation methods like querySelector().

I’ve only played around with svelte, so someone else may be better placed to help. I can’t see any documentation on it, I assume it will have backdoors allowing you direct access inside the svelte app, as with most other frameworks. But I assume they’ll be a faff to use, same as other frameworks, because the entire point is to not need to do that most of the time

@DanCouper I wouldn’t really know how to do that and thay will be a pain. So what would you do in situations like that? Is there no way around drilling into the framework code itself?

It’s the same situation you’d have with React or Angular or whatever: once you start working against the framework, it’s likely to be painful. Adding arbitrary JS UI libraries not explicitly designed to work with a framework is that situation