Is @system a bot or a human?

Hello Coders!
I’m just wondering if @system is indeed a bot or is he just a human being :laughing:.
If so then it is Genius :clap: .

It’s a programatic response.


Personally, I do not think it really matters if it is a human, or a bot. :slight_smile:
It is trying to help both the learners, and responders, to follow directions.
Like so many others, I have been guilty of just jumping in, finding the issue and responding to it.

But, what good is that to the poster? It only tells them, and other posters, as well as other responders, “We don’t need to follow rules.”

Like I said, I have been as guilty of this, as others, including some leaders, not just learners.

This will help leaders not have to post the request for more details, and “Hopefully” more people will respect the request for details of the problem and responders will respect the notices and not respond until the details are present.

Basically, it helps both groups.

Learners grow by learning to communicate the problems.

Responders grow by learning patience to be sure of the problem, which sometimes is not even to do with the currently posted code, as I have found out a few times.

As you state, and I stated before, thank you for this great addition to the forum, freeCodeCamp, whether it be human, or bot. :slight_smile:

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Ooh, I have been responding too early.
I’ll take that into account and wait for the details …
About my question, I was actually just curious if a human can actually have the patience to do the same thing over and over again.
Lol :grin:.


Good question! lol

You, me, leaders and others have been making others of both groups, become lax in the posts.

I had created a post earlier about it. I think, like you, it is a great addition to the forum.

Keep up the great help, and your amazing progress in your learning @starstruck !

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Before our platform had bots and templates, I used to (with the help of some AutoHotKey scripts). That’s why there is a running joke among the old-timers that I am a bot.

:joy: Too funny @ArielLeslie

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The big thing for me isn’t a “follow the rules” so much. I care for 3 reasons:

  1. Talking about how you’re stuck makes it easier for other people to help you

  2. Communication a job critical skill

  3. We’re humans here on the forum - not answer machines to feed questions into and get code out of


Great points, @JeremyLT


@JeremyLT I agree! yeah some people actually think were :robot:.

Like @Gray.n.Grey I had a good laugh when I read your response @ArielLeslie :rofl:.

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I think I need to change my answer in the thread about AI :thinking:

Me too.
I also think some people don’t realise I’m a total newbie to this myself either.

That seems like a good approach.


I have a bias to avoid terms that most people are most familiar with from fiction. I say things like “Programmed response”, “Algorithmically generated response”, “A data agregator with advanced natural language processing”, “Generative language models”, etc because it makes it sound as technical and limited as it actually is.

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As long as you don’t call it Skynet then we are cool.