Is that really posible to finish the basic of HTML, CSS, and JS in 1 month?

Hello. Iam a new member of FCC. I really wanna ask, is that posible to have a solid foundation for front end in 6 weeks? Let assume that i dedicate 40 hours in a week, do any of you think its posible?
Note : i have no IT background, but i have a solid foundation in Math, English, and Logic.
Thank you :grinning: :grinning:

I think anything is possible! As for that being a realistic timeline, I can’t say for sure.

Make it happen!

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Working knowledge? Maybe
But a solid foundation requires a lot of time, and it should include one framework. 6 weeks would mean 360 hours, it’s not that much time.

But, start, and you will find out. Follow the freeCodeCamp curriculum, make sure to complete the projects as best as you can, and when you feel like it start building your own stuff.


Hi @Siraftel !

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I feel like you are asking two different questions. :grinning:

In the title of your post you asked
Is that really possible to finish the basic of HTML, CSS, and JS in 1 month?

If you are referring to the first two certifications which cover HTML , CSS and vanilla JavaScript, then sure it is possible.

FCC does cover more javascript with the front end libraries, d3 and the two backend certifications (node and express)
1 month to do all of that is not realistic.

But for the first two certifications, it is possible.

To have a solid foundation in any skill takes a lot more time than 6 weeks.

I think the certifications are a great start but then you will need to keep learning and building projects from there.

Try not to focus so much on timetables, because you won’t know how you will respond to all of this material until you start going through it.

Just focus on the learning and building. :grinning:

Hope that helps!

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Iam working on it.
Coding is so fascinating. iam amazed how can bunch of words become a pict, clock, game and manymore.

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Actually, i wanna change my career. and i already enlisted for a bootcamp with 4 months intensive program for front-end dev.


its only for front end. maybe i will dive to React and Redic later on.

React is a Frontend framework

is that count as a basic or advance material of front end sir?

I have no idea, but it’s a foundamental part of front end - a junior dev would be expected to have built a couple of projects with a front end framework, and I would be really surprised if your web dev boot camp doesn’t teach a front end framework (not necessarily React, there is a few in existence)


Thank you for your information kind sir.
Definitely gonna do some work with framework.
Have a nice day :blush: :blush:

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