Is that school degree matter?

just curious…
have different area degree… but no cs. but have knowledge gain on the online learning.
is that possible to get a internship sth ?

I have heard that it’s possible to get hired based upon your portfolio. Like any unknown artist, you’d have to make some examples to show off your mad-skills, and then apply in person. (So, I recommend also working on your resume & interview skills.) Once you get a gig working for someone, no matter how small, you can show off how good you are, and then nobody will care about your lack of official schooling or degrees!
You can do it!!

There will be some jobs that will require a CS degree, no doubt. But remember that your goal is not to qualify and get every job - all you need to do is qualify for some of the jobs, and get one of the jobs.

While some jobs may list a CS degree as a requirement, don’t let it discourage you. As others have said, a portfolio will be important but you should also take the time to learn data structures and algorithms on your own (unless you are planning on going into a pure design field), and other tools like version control (git),