Is the course of javaScript in youtbe channel enough?

Hello there, I passed in the hell of courses, & today I say stop I will go with one and develop my skills with documentation & learn more with practical code, so my question is this courses is enough to learn JavaScript ?

1-Learn JavaScript - Full Course for Beginners - YouTube
2- JavaScript Programming - Full Course - YouTube

& which one suggested for newbie (just know about event handler & DOM)

Enough for what?

Look at the comments for the video to see if you think it is “enough”.

I don’t mean to be rude, but nobody is going to watch hours of video to tell you if it is “enough” when you don’t say what “enough” is. or otherwise.

That being said most people learn from multiple sources so these videos might be very good resources, watch them both if the comments are good and you think you might learn something.

Did you complete the JavaScript courses here on fcc? If not, my suggestion would be to start there as it is the best resource I’ve found for learning and then supplemented it with other sources like youtube.

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Thanks a lot for you replied & I really fell that this question not necessary thanks too much it’s mean a lot to me

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