Is the FCC certification enough to get a job?

I don’t think it’s possible to mindlessly go through the curriculum it’s very challenging, unless you were just literally copying and pasting solutions but I really can’t imagine anyone is doing that as there would be no point.

The full stack cert is more than enough to move into a junior position.

as to whether there are many junior vacancies in covid time is a different issue of course

It’s definitely possible. The problem in that case is usually a person is more interested in getting through the curriculum quickly and getting the certificate—because they think that is some magicall “Hire Me” document—rather than really working through it and focusing on learning the concepts and being able to apply them.

And I agree that learning enough to build out all of the projects in each section of the curriculum to gain the Full Stack Certificate here is enough to get your foot in the door. Though, as my original post points out, only if you’ve really learned and are able to apply the concepts on your own and didn’t just rush through the curriculum.

I think videos & articles of the style “I completed freeCodeCamp in X weeks/months” or “…in X hours” contribute to some people’s notion that they can rush through the material, not realizing people who do those “speed run” completions of the curriculum have programming experience of some kind already.

My main point was focus on the material and not just on getting the certificate. If you learn the material and build projects and create a portfolio you technically wouldn’t even need the freeCodeCamp certificate. It’s all about demonstrating your knowledge and skill from what you have learned.

I agree with you on those points you certainly have to be in it for the long run and there really is no substitute for thousands of hours of practice.

The great thing about fcc is that it provides those thousands of hours with clearly defined benchmarks and a brilliant curriculum.

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I should note, since what I’ve said above could be taken the wrong way, that I love freeCodeCamp and their mission. I’m a supporter and have been a local study group leader here in Chicago since April of last year. I encourage anyone reading this to just jump in and get started!

It is not enough but it will give you the leverage over others that do not have any certificates or anything to show.