Is the FCC site down?

I can not run the tests or move forward through the course as of about an hour ago. It seems like FCC is locking up and stuck. Anyone else experiencing issues today with the site locking?

What kind of error message are you seeing when you visit the site?

FCC is not down. What browser and version are you using?

Webpage not responding, shut down or wait. I’m using Chrome

What challenge are you on? Can you click the Ask for Help button? If you can not click on the button, can you reload the page and take a screen shot to post here?

I’m working on JavaScript. The page that is stuck is Iterate Odd Numbers With a For Loop. I did click on the help button and it did go to the other page. The issue is only occurring when I hit the run test button. When I hit reload I get a blank screen.

Can you please copy and paste the code you are attempting before you hit the Run Tests button? My guess is you have created an infinite loop.

// Setup

var myArray = [];

// Only change code below this line.

for (var i = 1; i < 10; i =+2){



Just as I suspected, you have created an infinite loop. You have a typo in your for loop statement. Make sure you are using += and not =+. The latter just keeps assigning the value 2 to i, so it never changes.

THANK YOU!!! All fixed!