Is the first challenge in the CSS category broken for me?

Hello all, I am having a difficult time with being able to complete the first challenge of the CSS category. I have high certainty that my code is correct, but whenever I try to submit the code it tells me that my h2 element should be red. I watched the video and the code matches… please take a look at my photo and double check this for me. I appreciate it greatly! If this is a bug in the system how do I go about reporting it? Thank you very much for your time!

Weird. It IS red, the inline style tag reads correctly. What I’d recommend is for you to hit the “reset all code” button and re-enter or copy/paste the stuff between the quotes in your style attribute. It’s worked for me in situations like this in the past.

What browser are you using?
Can you share your code?

Thank you for your response, vipatron. I ended up switching from Firefox to the Safari web browser and it went through correctly.

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Thank you for the response, ArielLeslie. I was using Firefox web browser but switched over to Safari web browser and that helped me out.

Seems odd, are you sure you don’t have some extension installed on Firefox. Is that night mode an extension? It doesn’t look like FCC’s night mode to me.

That surprises me. Usually Safari is broken and Firefox works.

lasjorg, I use an add-on called Dark Reader. That may have been causing the trouble and if that is the case well gosh! That doesn’t seem very nice… I’ll be sticking with Safari for the time being, and if I run into a problem on Safari I’ll revert back to Firefox and disable Dark Reader to see if that is a blatant issue.

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Well, FCC has a night mode. I use it. It’s great. Can you make an exception on your plugin?

Using an extension that overrides CSS would interfere with FCC’s ability to test CSS.