Is the job market in tech thriving or struggling right now?

I am hearing about all these layoffs from major tech companies. I feeling the burn myself because I am not getting any bites whatsoever for the past month. Maybe all these companies are advertising roles that they cannot fill? Maybe with all these unemployed techies, it is making everything more competitive than it already was?

What is every one else’s experience on this?

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in North America, Dec is not a good time for jobs in general. People usually wait for the new year to hire.
(they get new budgets and can figure out what projects they need help with etc)


I agree with above. You probably won’t see anything happen until early next year.

That said, the tech sector will see some “squeeze” and jobs will have increased competition compared to before. That said, most companies won’t be laying off people. You’ll hear large companies doing it, mainly because they have increased their hiring the last few years dramatically.

At the same time, now is the best time to hire an experienced dev as there are more out there than ever due to these layoffs.

Entry level is similar as it was before, which is it still is tough, but not as tough as the early pandemic when large amounts of people weren’t working and looked into career shifts.

Keep working on your stuff in the meantime, and be ready for when applications start “flowing” through systems in the new year :+1:


That is true. But it still depends on each company. I myself starting a new job in this month of December. There have been lots of layoffs but still here is a link to a sheet enlisting the companies still hiring:

This sheet is from last month but many roles might still be open.

Don’t get too worried by the headlines,
Remember bad news = good news for the news industry

I would be much more worried if I was working in this sector, as the
traditional outlets are dying and replaced by social media.

If you forget the dreams bootcamps are selling you about “the six figure job at Google” etc, you will be doing good as a developer. Just see it as a regular job, it has been far too glorified in the last decade

Almost all industries need software and the web, this won’t change in the near future.

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well i think its thriving cause almost all industries need IT Techs .So keep searching you will find something that suits your qualifications soon.

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