Is the main site down?

I can’t get into my lessons and the login option is not there. Is there something being done to the site or a server problem? This happened to me before but I can’t remember how I got back in. I’ll try later…

I’m having the same issue as well. I’m not sure what is happening exactly, but the lesson I was working on crashed while I was working on it. There is only a loading if I select “Go To Current Challenge”

I switched from Chrome to Brave and it seems I can get in with Chrome. I had to do a fix last night to watch Udemy videos on Brave. Is there some issue with Brave and FCC lessons? I have been on the lessons pages the last week or so with Brave? I’m just tired of Chrome slowing my laptop.

freeCodeCamp actively supports the most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. Other browsers, old versions, and experimental releases may work fine, but freeCodeCamp can’t guarantee their behavior. I suspect that Brave either prevents freeCodeCamp from writing to the browser cache (which would prevent you from logging in) or that it has built in script blockers (which would prevent things like tests from running) or both.

i am able to sign in and working everything fine so , clear you browser catche or try another browser

But I have been using Brave to go into the lessons for the last 2 weeks since switching from Chrom to Brave. The console is showing 3 errors: 2 for a webpack-runtime file and 1 for beacon.min.js.

The error is “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()”.

What makes those files different from the rest? I’ll search for a fix because I’d prefer to use Brave. I’ll also put the FCC domain as an exception in the Brave settings.

You might get some variance from one challenge to another, depending on what features are in use for that challenge. You may also encounter behavior changes either when freeCodeCamp has an update or when your browser has an update. Hopefully clearing your cache and adding a security exception for freeCodeCamp should unblock you. I know that some people like to use non-standard browsers and will just pop over to Chrome or Firefox temporarily when they run into issues.

Basically, you’ll probably find that most things work most of the time with your browser, but you’ll run into occasional issues.

Got it - there is something called Brave Shields. There is a badge or something and it looks like a lion in it. I clicked it and the popup said shields up for this site. I turned that off and now it’s good!

Huzzah! I’m glad you’re unblocked. Happy coding!

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