Is the wording off?

In the Javascript course and on [this step] (
At the bottom it says a should be assigned to b with =.

Maybe im messing up the wording but it seems like b is assigned to a? The way they say it sounds like a=b but maybe im wrong at how im reading it?
Other than that last line, I understand they want b=a but just not sure if im reading the last line incorrectly or not.

“Assign the contents of a to variable b.”

Both a and b are variables. This means they are containers for storing data. a is the name of a container that stores the number 7 in this case. b is the name of a container that is not initially given a value to store (so it stores undefined by default). The instructions are saying to put the value (or contents) stored in a into b. So you are setting b to something, in this case to the value stored in a. In other words, you are making b equal to the value in a, and thus you would write:

b = a;

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