Is there a better alternative to Glitch?

I have had nothing but issues with Glitch since beginning the backend pathways.

The apps keep crashing, files and projects keep getting wiped and app responsiveness is really slow when running test suites for the ISQA certifications.

It is really starting to impede my progress working through the projects now, having to keep restarting.

Glitch has been more unstable than usual. Maybe this is a good excuse for you to learn to work with GitHub, and submit your content from there?

Could do!

Is it possible to run the test suite locally? or do I have to host the project somewhere with a live link?

Unfortunately, there is no test suite like we have for the frontend stuff. The best thing to do is to host it on GitHub.

When it comes to the projects, you might struggle as you need a live link, and GitHub Pages does not provide an instance of Node to run off of. So, for those, you must either use Glitch, or host your projects elsewhere. Do not worry, there are plenty of ways you can host the projects for free.

Hope this helps

Thank you, will give it a try running locally.

May even just import completed file from github to Glitch for submission purposes but develop localy.

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