Is there a complete beginners course?

It seems that the lessons are all just following steps, it’s like a recipe without any context and all I’m doing is copying things. No detailed explanations, quizzes or glossary of terms is making me even more clueless. I’m on build html css accessibility quiz & doubt I could pass a test on anything I completed before it without cheating and looking everything up on W3schools. Is there something for the dumber dummies like me or should I stop wasting my time trying to learn any of this? Please no, “just stick with it and you’ll get it” BS please, I’m looking for a real answer or at least an honest one.

it is not cheating.

It is good stuff.

If you are stuck - search web for more info.

Still stuck -search more.

Search for more similar exercises on other resources.

Still stuck? Ask questions.

You asked one here - also good.


If you need a basic intro to HTML and CSS before jumping into FCC, I’d recommend Scrimba’s free course on the topic: HTML and CSS course: Learn HTML and CSS for free

the curriculum is not meant to make you memorize all the smallest syntax features, but to help you familiarise with how the language work so that once you need it you know what to search for

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Thanks, I’ll give it a spin.

that’s the problem for me. if i’m reading and i come across a word i don’t know i get stuck, get spun out & can’t stop thinking about it until i look up the word. same goes for if i try to follow a lesson without enough info on what does what and why.

Its literally impossible to memorize every term related to programming. Programming is about looking stuff up.

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today I wrote like 60 lines of code. Not professional here, also learning.
I looked up 10 or so articles, asked 3-4 questions plus discussed some stuff.
Couple of things I looked up because it was new for me.
The rest - because I forgot some details. That’s how it goes.

hi Phil, welcome to this forum!

I was wondering if you can share what your previous experience level is with writing code? (never written a line of code, or learned some in school or otherwise?)

Kudos to you btw for being so conversant with w3schools. I use it everyday as well.

I tried a few years back and gave up, I felt that if I had to look everything up & wasn’t retaining anything that it was pointless. I’m still clueless enough that I’d classify myself as a complete newbie.

Thank you so much. I think this will help. If I ever run into in the real world, I owe you a beer (or whatever your preferred beverage is).

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