Is there a free code camp directory to easily search users?

Just a general community question, I’m interested to know if you can search for other users by name/country or the like?


Not really, from what I can tell.

FCC never actually asks people for their location directly, IIRC - I believe it is pulled from GitHib profile info.

You could try to find people with a site specific google search like this: site: australia which will list people that mention Australia in their forum posts, but that’s hardly the definitive record of all Australian campers.

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BTW, if you built a social network to accompany FCC, including better searchability, the ability to add friends so I can keep up with their coding efforts, link to their projects etc, I’d totally use it!


@JackEdwardLyons may I ask why? Just curious :slight_smile:

Just because I got my work mate into FCC and he asked if he could friend me and we could follow each others progress.

He was also curious as to how other campers solved their problems. Much like that of CodeWars where after you complete the challenge you can see how others did it and upvote them. That would be cool :slight_smile:


I’ve been known to GitHub-stalk a few campers, which is easier to do from Gitter, but urgh, gitter shudder

Haha, cool so there would be a good chance that campers would use something like this!
Let’s get coding haha :slight_smile:

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You can find a lot of help on gitter, i know throughout my time of using FCC and even building personal projects that gitter has really helped a lot! There are knowledgable people on there and even the forum. Don’t forget to use other resources also!

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No their isnt. But someone or a group of us Should create a Coders Social Media not just for FCC Users.
ANSWER: what i did was using their name i searched for them on freecodecamps Forum. Then using their User Name/Name depending if their different. I typed Fcc website url and added it to the end.

FreeCodeCamp open-api Project
The deprecated open API to freeCodeCamp’s user progress

Guide to the FreeCodeCamp Public API

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My husband and I are doing this together and would have liked and option to follow each other.

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Some people list freeCodeCamp as their school, so you might try looking at the LinkedIn school page for freeCodeCamp. You might even try joining the freeCodeCamp campers group on LinkedIn. I’m not in it so I can vouch for its active-ness, but it’s worth a shot.

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Thanks for the feedback

The API says that it is deprecated on Github.

Is there a newer Free Code Camp API that everyone can access?