Is there a graphic design app that renders HTML and CSS?


I mean a graphic design app like Photoshop or even Word that builds a document using graphic tools and interactions like selecting, giving options and attributes, using text zones etc. but than can render its output to HTML and CSS?


Yes. Lots of them. Some free, some cost money, some limit you to one host like Wix or Siteground and some you must start out with a template. Some have not been updated in years so while still available it would be a stretch to call them current.

Even Microsoft Word can export as HTML.

From here on down is my opinion

Generally these tend to make really sloppy code with lots of extra markup.

If you are wanting to learn web design these would be step in the wrong direction.

If you want a simple web page fast or an org or a storefront and don’t give a hoot about learning to code go with Wix.

If you just want a quickie blog then go with

If you want a sophisticated site but don’t want to code then pay someone.

Personally i feel that using wix is not that bad of a choice. Just copy their html and css purely for styling. After that still nedd to write your own javascript code.

I think you’re looking for what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG). It’s what is used for many CMS like wordpress, this is just one but there are many out there: