Is there a standard textbook for the React/Redux material? How do I find relevant FCC videos on YouTube?

I got through the basic HTML and JavaScript certifications just by writing code and debugging. With the Redux/React/JavaScript certification, I feel a need to read theory from a textbook, or else perhaps watch a tutorial video. I prefer to read books, but I can watch a video if that is the standard way of proceeding.

I know FreeCodeCamp has many videos on YouTube. However, I am currently studying React/Redux/JavaScript, and most of the videos that I see on YouTube seem to be about Python.

Am I looking in the wrong places? Does FreeCodeCamp put JavaScript videos on YouTube? Is there a standard written textbook that I should be reading instead.

HI @industrialdoctor !

If you go directly to the FCC youtube channel and then use the search functions you will find tons of videos on react.

Textbooks are tricky when it comes to libraries and frameworks because they are always changing. So books become out of date pretty quickly.

I would recommend reading up to date articles instead of books.

FCC news has tons of articles on react.

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