Is there a tutorial article on "how to read error messages"?

Hello, experienced developer here. Should FreeCodeCamp have a tutorial on “how to make sense of error messages?”

I sometimes get questions from co-workers and others saying “it failed. Here’s the error message.” And then I get a big fat traceback from a browser console log, or an OS error like ECONNRESET, or another kind of error message. And often people send these error messages as screenshots.

My problem: lots of people, even devs and support professionals, don’t know how to look at error messages. They just chuck them over the wall to more experienced devs.

If there were a basic tutorial on how to read them, I suspect a lot more people would get a lot more work done. And they’d definitely feel a bit more empowered.

Does FreeCodeCamp accept contributed articles? I could try to create this tutorial, if there isn’t one already.

Hi and welcome to the forum!

I have not searched the articles to see if one like this exists. If it doesn’t, I agree that it would be helpful.

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