Is there a way - Form entries

Basically, I’d like to know - is there a way that when I /user enters data in form fields,
upon hitting enter it transfers arrow to next field: so if I finished writing name, I’d hit enter and it’d immediately write surname in next form field. Instead of clicking with a mouse to change.

I don’t think there’s enter control, but there is tab control:

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if you want to make it automatic

for option input like multiple choice, you can set the focus to change to next question if the previous value changed. This is difficult to apply it to textbox because you don’t know when user finish make input.

if you just don’t want to click the mouse

use tab control

I am trying to understand exactly what you want to do. Are you wanting the user to type their full name such as “John Baker” and if the user presses the Enter key, you want the next field to contain only the surname (in this example that would be “Baker”)?

If this is not what you want, try giving us more information of exactly what the user would enter and then what you want to see in another text field after pressing the Enter key. The more details you can give will help us give you the best answer.

I was simply unaware that one can hit tab instead of enter to go in next form field.