Is there a way I can steal the whole 'mood' of colors from a pic?

I am new to coding. Less than a month and in my quest of finishing one of the FCC tests I want to do something which I cannot figure how to so I thought asking here is the proper thing. Is there a way I can ‘steal’ the whole mood of a picture so my nav part has the exact same mix of colors. I want to make it look as the pic mentioned is a natural extension of the nav part of my website. I know how to find an exact color but that is not what I want to achieve. I need some ‘tool’ maybe that allows me to ‘steal’ a whole mood if that is possible. Thank you

You can just use the color picker in Chrome Dev tools to grab the colors but you have to do one at a time. That is more or less what people who submit color palettes to Adobe Kuler do.

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Not really anything to do with coding. There are a vast array of tools for this, just search for “color palette generator”. For exactly what you’re asking, the Adobe Capture app will pull colour palettes from photos etc.