Is there a way to close the "accesibilty agent"?

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I am trying to write code but this thing is always tells me what to do. Like I know what I have to do mate just let me.

I know I have to put “{}” but if this thing stops me from doing anything, how am I supposed to do anything?

Please just let me not use this.

Sorry for bad english btw.

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I’m not sure I understand. What is the word “class” on line 2 doing? I think it cannot parse line 5 because it things that you are in the middle of defining a class and and “const” can’t me the name of a class.

Is this part of an FCC challenge? If so, please provide a link to the challenge and cut and paste all of the code so we can try it out.

Did you press F8?

It should not stop you from fixing the error and you should be able to close the hint (using the X on the far right side). You can’t edit anything inside the hint (just to be clear).

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it is not about the challenge, its happening in every javascript lesson. But if you insist the challenge is

dude, you are a literal life saver. THANK YOU!

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