Is there a way to know exactly which of the tests I have passed or not?

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I am working on project 1 and when I run the submit it tells me I am 20% complete. I am wondering if there is a way to check exactly which steps I have successfully completed and which I have not??

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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click on the number of passing tests.

You can also find the reason for which a test is not passing below the failing test (there may be more than one, but only one is shown at a time, so you may need to check again if it keeps failing)

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@juliakajill, you have two different things here.
First, keep the test script when forking the pen (<script src=""></script>).

  • Your page passes 5/10 user stories.
  • The test script should be included, with all tests passing, when you submit your project.

Second, when you submit your project it doesn’t run the tests. You see the 20% complete message because there are five projects to complete. You’ve completed one of the five so you’ve completed 20% of the projects.

Thank you for clearing up that this one project represents one out of five which is why at best I will get 20% complete. But as to my project 1 question, it shows 9 user stories to meet criteria. How do I know when I have completed all 9? How do I know if I have correctly completed user story; 1,2,3 5? And not 4, 6, 7, 8, 9? Is there a way to know exactly which user stories I have completed and which ones I have not or are not working? Thanks.

Click the button below the “Run Tests” button (“Tests number/number”), it will open a modal with information about the tests.

Unlike the example that has an obvious Run Test box, I don’t see one. Now, I did all the FreeCodeCamp in Safari, then on their recommendation, went to Chrome to work on the projects. Is this why? Another user pointed out the helpful drop down arrow that you can click to Analyze HTLM or CSS, but I don’t see a Run Test button anywhere… where could it be? If you tell or want me to screen shot for you tell me how and I will. Thanks

If you have the required script in your html, then you will see a big Run Tests button. Did you add this script back? I don’t see it on your pen.

Just paste this script into the HTML section of your codepen.
A green hamburger menu will appear in the upper left. Select the appropriate project and run the tests

<script src=""></script>

So I copied the test script you listed, but I still don’t have the big (or any) run test button… What am I missing as this would be quite helpful to have?

Now click on the green hamburger menu in the upper left. Select ‘Tribute Page’ then click the ‘Run Tests’ button. If all tests pass you’ll see the button underneath will be green. I there are any failing tests the button will be red and tell you how many passed/failed. Click on the red button to see which tests failed and read the failing error message and correct it. Keep going until all tests pass.

Success on getting the green hamburger menu, however I selected the “tribute Page” then run test and nothing happened… so I am not able to do what you next suggest - use the failing button to see what I have passed/failed. Help again? Thanks

Maybe try in Chrome or Firefox instead of Safari.

I am actually running this in Chrome. My original free code camp was completed in Safari. I decided to do my original “test” in Chrome as they suggest it will work better.

Refresh the browser or click the Save or Run button in codepen

Tried that. My Run test in hamburger menu shows first button, “run tests” and second button says “load tests”. When I click on load tests it pops up, run test suite to see unit test - but I cannot select anything else.

Are you blocking third-party cookies in the browser? You need to accept third-party cookies for the test to work.

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Ok, I may have found a way around this… I copied my url from Chrome into my free code camp in Safari and guess what the tests run like I should see them.

Well yes I could be blocking cookies, I will click on your link, but is that how to not block cookies?

Hello, I do believe this was the issue - blocked third-party cookies in Chrome. I think it is working now. Thank you thank you.