Is there a way to learn with FCC and MDN Docs OFFLINE?

Pretty much the title.

I don’t have access to the Internet anymore, but I still want to complete FCC and have access to MDC docs offline to learn more in-depth about specific concepts and keywords.

Is there a way to downloa all of the MDN docs and the FCC Course somehow, or something like that?

you could have a local instance of freecodecamp
as that is needed for contributing, you can see about how to have a lcoal instance in the contributing docs

probably the same is true for the mdn

or at least (it’s a repository in the freecodecamp github account)

Hello there,

There are some options, which depend on how willing you are to go through the effort:

  1. Simple: freeCodeCamp works on freeCodeCamp/devdocs: API Documentation Browser ( . Here is the link to the webpage: DevDocs API Documentation. Be sure to look at the linked repo for bugs with downloading the content for offline use on some browsers (last I checked = might be all ironed out now)
  2. Set up locally: Set up freeCodeCamp locally

This comes with pitfalls of:

  1. Without serious effort in coding, you might struggle persisting the test user data. As the local setup has a mock sign-in option (not an actual sign in), and the fCC instance relies on a local MongoDB database for storage, you might find yourself losing your progress, when you kill the DB. However, this is mitigatable by not following the npm run seed script more than once.
  2. You will need to make sure you manually keep up to date with the online platform, as changes are pushed.

Hope this helps

For the mdn, download Zeal. You can also have JS docs, Bash, etc.