Is there a way to update document title within Codepen?

In my pomodoro, I was thinking it would be a real nice touch to show time remaining in the page title (and thus in the browser tab even when the page doesn’t have focus), like But is it possible to use a simple document.title= in Codepen? Initial test suggests no: Does anyone know of a way that wouldn’t be ridiculously complex?

Maybe this is the best excuse for me to get off my butt and figure out Git enough to start deploying to Github.

If you view your pen in debug mode, “foo” shows in the tab. Just doesn’t show in the normal codepen views.

It won’t work in editor view or fullpage view, since your page is inside an <iframe> and you can’t modify the actual codepen site (for obvious purposes). It does seem to work however in debug mode though because it treats your site without codepen making changes.