Is there an issue with the tests?

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The remaining tests don’t seem to be right since I have covered the majority of the tests. Or am I wrong with the code?

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function diffArray(arr1, arr2) {
let largeArr = arr1.length > arr2.length ? [...arr1] : [...arr2];
let smallArr = arr1.length > arr2.length ? [...arr2] : [...arr1];
let newArr = largeArr.filter((one) => !smallArr.includes(one));
return newArr;

diffArray([1, 2, 3, 5], [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]);

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Challenge: Diff Two Arrays

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I think that the issue is your hypothesis that the larger array will contain always all the elements in the smaller array

here, they have the same length:

[1, "calf", 3, "piglet"], [1, "calf", 3, 4] should return ["piglet", 4].

your output is missing the element in the other array

[1, "calf", 3, "piglet"], [7, "filly"] should return [1, "calf", 3, "piglet", 7, "filly"].

your output is missing the elements in the smaller array not included in the larger array

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