Is there any shortcuts available in FCC's coding interface?

It’s a bit tiresome to type all the tags and then their closing tags. I don’t mind having to type a little, but when you’re in this site for hours and you are finishing lessons after lessons, it gets real irritating to type all the basic html tags. It’s a buzzkill honestly.
I hope you’ll look into it.

P.S. Stay home and stay safe.

Hello there.

Sorry to hear you feel this way. Generally, a feature request like this can be made after discussing it with contributors in the #contributors sub-forum. Obviously, we cannot implement every single person’s preferred feature.

As for your question: I assume you area referring to auto-completions for the code editor?

If so, the reasoning behind not having them is:

  1. The challenges in fCC are there to help users learn, and a major part of this is getting users familiar with the syntax, which involves repetition.
  2. The amount of typing you are required to do, especially in the Responsive Web Design section, is minute.

I am a huge fan of VS Code and auto-completions, but once you become familiar enough with a language, it takes a trivial amount of time to finish off that closing bracket, or tag.

All in all, it is beneficial for beginners to type out every single character. If you are that bothered by it, I recommend using your favourite text editor to complete the challenges, and, provided you have a keyboard, you can copy-pasta from your local environment to fCC.


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