Is there any solution of this game?

There is 5 number.
7 7 9 5 7

If you click one number then this number will add with one(+1), and subtract one(-1) with others.

For example, if I click 5 it will be like,

1nd click ==> 6 6 8 6 6

If I click, most right number 6 it will be like,

2nd click ==> 5 5 7 5 7

and so on.

I can click just 7 times.
Is that possible to make it just 1 left? If it is, then how?

Expection after 7 click,

0 0 1 0 0


1 0 0 0 0

and so on.

I don’t understand the rules

but what do you need to do, write an algorithm for it?

Here are those numbers,
7 7 9 5 7
Imagine you are a robot. What you can do is just a simple calculation at most 7 times. In each calculation, you will target one specific number among 7 7 9 5 7.
Each time, 1 will be added to your targeted number, and 1 will be subtracted from other numbers.

For example, if you target 5 in your 1st attempt then, 5 will be 6, and 1 will be subtracted from others. So, it will be,
6 6 8 6 6
You just have 6 attempts left, to make it 4 zeros and 1 one.(It can be, 0 0 1 0 0).

So, according to rules, Is that possible to make those numbers(7 7 9 5 7) to 4 zeros and 1 one phase inside 7 attempts?
Hope it helps :mask:

And about the algorithm, is that possible? Because those numbers (7 7 9 5 7) and the number of calculation-time(7) are constant.

How would that be possible though?

If you click on a number and it adds 1, and you click it 7 times then it would be 16. Right?
How can you get down to 1 when you started at 9?

Also, for this 5 here,

it wouldn’t go down to zero it would be -2 if you clicked the number 9 7 times.

Did I understand the rules right?

Sorry, I forget to mention. If any number is 0 then subtraction will not apply. But, addition will be applicable according to rules.

It doesn’t matter, if 9 is one of the numbers it’s impossible, the lowest it can get to is 2


I’m sorry, I’m the real fool :sob: :sob:
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Here is my result,

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