Is there any way to stop the sync of terminal with every word I write into it?

The terminal always sync with the server terminal ,which could be be good / reliable if you have good network .but It’s just painfull to do the tutorial with syncing values to server, it gets annoying some time even the syncing is not good, if there is a way pls guide me, Thank you!

I’m not sure how much this actually helps, but there is a ‘Console’ and ‘Preview’ button on the top right side of the window. If you click on the the ‘Preview’ button, it should close the window out and just leave you in the console window but I’m assuming that once you have entered your code, it will open the preview again with each new step you complete. As for disabling, I don’t know if there is a way to do so outside of using developer tools to do that but again, it will more than likely just reload it.

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