Is there anybody out there?

Hi everybody, I would really appreciate some feedback on my tribute page on Linux Linux Tribute.

I just cannot get my head around bootstrap I downloaded the css file and used linux commands fmt and sed to blow apart the text to a more readable format, it comes to about 38 pages !!! yuk :slight_smile:

For me programming is knowing what is going under the bonnet, so I am just going to stick with writing the css myself using the @media only screen and (max-width: 550px) etc to make the pages responsive.

At the moment I am stuck on the Portfolio Project because basically I have no Projects to talk about :disappointed:

Hey) you have at least 1 project now , your trubute page) or you can just make them up by now.
It looks very mmm Linux :penguin: ))
iā€™d avoid using so many <b>, <em> tags and other font/text games, it is difficult to read, you might want not to declare font size, it is most probably 16px by default