Is there back end development in free code camp?

hi i am new to coding . I want to know if there is back end development in free code camp because i dont see it !! Thanks in advance guys!

APIs and Microservices is back end for example
and everything below that (Python included)

I was wondering maybe code camp only has front end.

The curriculum can be divided into three sections:

Front End

– Responsive Web Design
– Javascript Algorithms and Data Structures
– Front End Libraries
– Data Visualisation

Back End

– APIs and Microservices
– Quality Assurance
– Information Security


– Scientific Computing with Python
– Data Analysis with Python
– Information Security (this one is part Python, part node.js)
– Machine Learning with Python

Hope this helps! :smiley:


Data analysis with python ? Is it a part of web d ? or a part of data science plus the machine learning :?

Data Analysis with Python is part of data science/machine learning. :slight_smile:

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