Is There Like An Age Limit?

Make cool websites for your school projects, make games for fun, keep thinking and learning, and then when you are ready, you’ll have great job opportunities, or a great idea and the skills to run your own tech company.

Man I wish I’d started coding at 12, I could’ve actually started applying all the linear algebra in high school when I got there. You should definitely try and do as much of FCC as you can starting right now, learn and brush up your web and JS skills.

I think most of webdev is simple enough for someone to pick up at 12. Plus it’s going to be an incredibly valuable asset, since you’ll learn to think like a programmer, and you can start branching out to stuff like some basic AI/CV or Mobile apps, if that’s your thing, by the time you hit high school/first year of college.

The only thing is to keep with it, and keep improving.

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I wish there had been certain technologies available and or I had the opportunities available to the ‘kids’ these days. I’d say if you are interested in exploring what it’s all about, there is no harm in trying to learn coding via FCC or any other free forum. I particular like the online learning tools where you can code in game and or things like Sololearn (where you meet challenges along the way and solve them). Best of luck!

The second word isn’t starting with capital letter, so …

If you’re here you must be interested in learning, so I say that means you’re old enough! As for your mom, by that age, if you’re still interested in coding, you’ll be making your own decisions about what you want to do with what you’ve learned.

You need to learn how to be confident of what you can do regardless of your age. I’m only 15, but I thought about the future unlike some, and now I have a nice little full ride scholarship, and I am doing this freeCodeCamp course to strengthen my abilities and broaden my coding skills. A good mentality to life can solve everything. If you can commit yourself to something for long enough and finally see good results, you can pretty much do anything. However, you do have to work hard to be able to do that.


Umm, I am sure you mum will want you to get a job one day. I am sure someone in your family has a job too. Also, not all strangers are bad; try telling your mum that.

P.S.: You Made Me Laugh.

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