Is there some sort of "karma" on this forum?

When I first started asking questions on here I used to get responses very quickly, but after being on here awhile I’m noticing more recent posts don’t get any comments at all.

So I was just wondering if there is some sort of hierarchy or if new users are given priority or something.

There is no karma or hierarchy system.

It looks lke lately you’ve been asking questions about external challenges and projects. We respond the fastest to questions about freeCodeCamp challenges and projects, especially the early ones, because we’ve seen similar questions many times and can identify the problems quickly.

Short answer: No.

There are different views for looking at topics. I believe that all of them except “new” are just sorted by most recent activity.

Discourse (this forum) does have something called a “trust system”, based on your activity: Understanding Discourse Trust Levels | Blog

These are some things that can significantly impact how much response you get to a topic:

  • time of day: there are high and low traffic times on the forum. If you create a topic during a slow time and don’t get any responses, then create a reply in the thread later that describes what progress you have made, any updates on the help you are looking for, etc.
  • complexity of the topic: as you get further through freeCodeCamp, there will be fewer people who have already completed that section. We have some very experienced developers here, but not a ton, and they tend to be checking on the forum periodically between their regular dev work.
  • relevance of the topic: if you ask questions about topics that are not covered by freeCodeCamp, people are less likely to have experience with the subject. The more specific or niche the topic, the less likely it is that someone has an answer.
  • quality of the post: the better you describe your problem, the more likely someone will even be able to understand what’s going on. Introduce the context. Describe what problem you are having. Describe what your thought process has been. As much as possible, narrow down the problem and ask specific questions.

The latest one was in relation to the most recent free code camp js tutorial on youtube.

A YouTube tutorial is different than the core freeCodeCamp challenges and projects. We get far, far fewer questions about YouTube tutorials.

Nope , that’s not true

Right, some good answers so far.

I will add, from my own perspective that I’m often doing this during work, while I’m waiting on a remote build or something. So, I tend to grab easy ones. (Remember that we are volunteers here.)

And I think there is a certain logic to that. Beginners tend to ask simple questions based on the simple problems in the beginning. Helping a beginner understand why their radio buttons aren’t nested in the form properly to pass the test, the test I’ve seen 100 times - that takes a few minutes. And I just like to prioritize those because I like helping out the absolute beginners - I think that is really important to do.

On the other hand, as we get deeper in the curriculum, it takes more work to help people. Also, speaking for myself, I expect that as a person gets deeper into the curriculum, they should become more self-sufficient, in the sense of being able to look up documentation and search stack overflow, etc.

And (as stated) questions about outside materials seem less important to me. I think of this forum as being primarily about the curriculum, so I tend to “worry” about that more. There’s nothing wrong with “outside” questions, but I just prioritize them less.

And there is the X-factor - things that interest me. Being a volunteer, I have the luxury of only doing what I want. I am really interested in React and Redux so I tend to give those a look.

But yeah, karma or points or whatever - it really wouldn’t change anything for me. I’m not a big fan of gamification.

Nope , that’s not true

It is to some extent for me - people just learning the basics of coding - I tend to worry about them a lot more.


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