Is there something to add for sass and Jquery?

I noticed that we have to add a link on the top of code in order to use Bootstrap.
Is there something to add for SASS and jQuery ?

There Goes the CDN for jQuery:


Also, make sure you add to your regular js file a “type” attribute set to “text/javascript”

For SASS: I did a NPM install:

open the terminal (can be on your code editor), then type:
sudo npm i -g sass
(enter your password)
sass --watch folder/file.scss

folder => the folder you are using for your cdd
file => your file name, ususally: style.scss

You can close the terminal.
There’s an extension on VS code calles watch sass
You can use from that point on instead of the command line.

hope it helped.

:thinking: Is there some course to learn how to install this kind of tool. For exemple I doen’t know how to use the terminal… So that seems very difficle for me.

what you need to add, depends on the environment you use. For example, on codepen, regarding SASS(SCSS), which is a css preprocessor, you should open the settings for the css frame and choose the respective preprocessor(pick SCSS to use the fcc taught syntax).
jQuery is JS framework, so you should open the JS settings instead and search for the jQuery CDN to add as active.
If you were to use VS code for example, to use SCSS syntax, ive installed an extention, which monitor files that i write under the .scss extention and converts them(live) to a valid CSS code, so while i write scss code, my app reads the css syntax which it understands.
To use jquery, you can download it from their official site and then link it in your html file, or instead of downloading, you can directly use CDN link, again in your html file.
All those different libraries and frameworks have their own documentations and pages and while they use common approaches to be included and used in your projects, they often are different and it varries per product, so the best approach is to actually check their official site for directions. Like it was pointed out, using NPM and command line to install and use them is also a common approach, but you should first get familiar with those things i suppose(the first backend section of FCC goes on that in more detail).

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