Is this a reasonable expectation?

I had an interview with a certain company that finds you “apprenticeships” for $15.00 an hour as a web developer. I showed him some of my projects, and I solved his coding challenge in under 10 minutes. Then he went on to say that(because I didn’t solve the algorithm the way he wanted) he felt I needed to improve and have another interview once I have learned react and created an app with authentication/user profiles. I don’t know much about Reach yet, but isn’t that a front end framework? What does authentication/user profiles have anything to do with that? I made it clear I wanted to do front end work, not back end because I primarily enjoy HTML/CSS and design more than anything.

So is it reasonable they asking for react knowledge for a $15 an hour apprenticeship with no benefits? Isn’t an apprenticeship taking someone very new at something and growing them into a profession? I am pretty sure also that just 5 years ago nobody knew react and developers made websites just fine.

That doesn’t seem like “apprenticeship” …
whose definition is "An apprenticeship is a system of training a new generation of practitioners of a trade or profession with on-the-job training and often some accompanying study (classroom work and reading). "

he felt I needed to improve and have another interview once I have learned react and created an app with authentication/user profiles.

If his true intent is finding apprentices, the company should be the one training you with OJT.

that finds you “apprenticeships” for $15.00 an hour as a web developer.

Honestly, never heard of such a deal.
It sounds more like a job placement agency (where knowledge of React is required), and you only get paid $15/hr… meanwhile, the company is probably paying this guy $50-$100/hr.

It doesn’t sound like an apprenticeship. More like source of cheap labor, experienced in React development.


Yeah that’s how I felt. I made 45K as tech support with zero experience beyond college at a pretty chill company and gave that up to be a developer. It is really concerning that I can’t find a junior developer position in south FL that pays even equal to that.

Have you had any offers directly from a company that you’d work for? That could give you a decent idea of the market rate that companies expect to pay

YES :point_up_2: .

This is pretty alarming. I would not say that it is reasonable. He’s asking you to have skills that would make your starting salary at a company around, like, $60,000 but wants to pay you $15/hour? If you worked 40 hours a week, that would be $31,200 before taxes and without factoring in holidays or time off or anything. I think the lowest starting salary I’ve seen for front-end developers, which is what he seems to be looking for, is around $45,000. And that’s with benefits.

I think that the best-case scenario is that they’re accidentally running a scam. Worst-case scenario is they know it’s a scam and are actively trying to take advantage of new coders and get cheap labor. The job hunt can be grueling, but you’re better off not working with companies like this. With the skills he’s asking you to get before another interview with him, you could work at a real company that will pay you what you deserve, or at least closer to it.

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Coders developed the gig economy. Now the monster comes for us.

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No, I haven’t even had any interviews beyond with recruiters because every position they contact me about is way too far for me to drive. They do tell me the pay for them and its always been like 30-45k, which seems really low still for jobs in downtown Miami, where a 1 bedroom apartment costs 2500+ a month.

@Justin88, just curious. Is this “apprenticeship” you interviewed for through a company called LaunchCode by any chance?

Didn’t want to name the company, but yes.

Ah okay. Based on your description, I knew who you were talking about. Let’s just say I had a similar experience as you did.

It does sound quite low. However - remember that in the world of negotiation: “He who has the options has the power”! Ideally try to get some more offers. The alternative would be to take the job and prove to the company that you are a great asset to them. Companies tend to ramp up salaries pretty quickly for their best employees. Good luck!

I wouldn’t bet on this, though. From your post, @Justin88, this doesn’t sound like a company that recognizes or rewards value.

Advice here:

Aim for Banking/insurance companies.
The interview bar is soo low there, and eventhough you may hate it of you enter as a consultant, which is my case, you’ll set your foot on the door and can easily transition to a much better place within a year.

There’s a big insurance company close to me. Not sure how to aim for them if they aren’t hiring though. I’ve done the walk into a company and present yourself with your resume. It really doesn’t work, at least not down here. They just tell you to apply online with 1000 other desperate people.

Look them up on LinkedIn and add the recruiter from there or ask around there if there are contract positions

Fast food restaurants in NYC pay $15 for cashiers and burger flippers. I understand where you are the cost of living isn’t as high as NYC, but still, $15 for a junior React developer is absurd. I’d steer clear of this company from here on out.

Even as a junior React developer you should be pulling in around $70K.

also, please google Wizeline
that is an awesomec ompany here in Guadalajara, and they are always hiring Jr devs to their amazing projects and offices here in GDL