Is this acceptable? My Tribute Page!

I went ahead and made my Tribute page. Although I copied all the text from the sample page and used the link for the sample page’s images, but the Coding part of the page is totally done by me.

My Tribute Page Link

Similarly, I copied the text for Portfolio along with Images, but the coding part of it is totally done by me.

My Portfolio Link

My thought process behind doing this is simple, I am working on learning HTML/CSS/JS/jQuery etc, why waste time on things that aren’t relevant? Although, as you can see in the Portfolio, I used my own color scheme, as well as icons. Did not replicate the sample coz I did not like its color scheme. :slight_smile:

Is this acceptable for you all, or does any one of you disagree with my thought process or just wants to give some feedback on the two projects?

check this out

It sort of is relevant though. At the end of the day what you’ll be doing for clients, is displaying their content (text, images, applications, etc) in the best way possible. Without all that, you’ve just got a blank page. Also I can tell you from personal experience, some clients are not going to have every bit of content they want up and you might have to find and work with your own images and write up text copy.

By the way, I’m not knocking recreating an existing website as it’s great practice. My point is however, it’s what you can do from scratch that really shows your coding chops. Take the tribute page you have for example, it’s easy to follow, everything is displaying correctly. But it’s also kinda static. The content is just sitting there in one long column. It’s not exactly visually appealing as it stands. Maybe there’s a better layout you could try using that exact content? Now is your opportunity to experiment. Try moving the text and image around, add more images, what about having two or three columns that streamlines to a single column for mobile. It’s the best way to learn. Or pick a subject or person you’re interested in and do something different with it. At the very least you’ll strengthen your coding skills.

You’re on you way with changes you made on the portfolio project but you can so much farther. Think of it this way, a new webpage is like a blank canvas. You can do anything with it.


Great job Bro. Keep it up! I will improve mine when I get free time :slight_smile:

Totally get it mate, I’ll try to take it further and further as I keep progressing with these lessons. Hopefully in another week or so I will be a lot more creating. I just started working on this yesterday, whatever progress I have achieved is a result of around one days worth of effort. I will be improving on it for sure.

I was asking this question, to understand whether I am being lazy or is it acceptable solution to the problem/challenge :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your inputs, I am glad I asked this question. :smile:

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Hey that’s pretty darn good for a day’s worth of effort! And to answer your lazy or acceptable question, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using like filler text and stand-in images when you’re prototyping (I do it myself). If you ever just want some good old Latin to use I love: you can generate however much you need.

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Oh yeah, that’s another way of doing things. :smiley: :slight_smile: