Is this challenge doing <u> justice?

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I feel I’m html-semantics-poisoned today, but… should this challenge be describing the <u> tag the way it currently is?

MDN Web Docs warns about what the <u> tag represents:

This element used to be called the “Underline” element in older versions of HTML, and is still sometimes misused in this way. To underline text, you should instead apply a style that includes the CSS text-decoration property set to underline .

The usage notes section also seems to suggest the tag shouldn’t be thought of as merely a mean to underline texts.

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Challenge: Use the u Tag to Underline Text

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You are correct, the semantic meaning of the <u> element has changed over time and doesn’t really mean what the challenge says it means any more. It may have been considered the “underlining” element back when the challenge was originally created and it just hasn’t been updated. It would probably be best to just remove the challenge completely since the <u> tag is used rarely nowadays except in very specific situations (or at least that’s the way it should be :slight_smile: ).

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