Is this cheating

I used to have problem with items moving around on my page with my product landing page, because I was using the absolute position and using the left right top and bottom to center them around. but I was able to fix this issue when I doing the personal portfolio page. by using the justify content, align-items, and flex direction. so what i did was copy all of that from my portfolio and pasted and replaced my position with said code from my portfolio. I assume this isn’t cheating because they are my own work. But still asking here because i wanna be sure.


If you’re using code and design concepts from your personal portfolio project for your product landing page, there’s nothing unethical or wrong about it. It’s a practical way to apply your own knowledge and expertise to create a better user experience and save time in the process.

thank you very much just had make sure I wasnt going to get flagged for it

That is my opinion, you didn’t do anything wrong. You are applying your own knowledge from one stage to another, so you’re learning some new stuff and you are applying them in your own code. That is not bad…

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