Is this client-side scripting and is this an OK practice?

Hey guys, I am unsure if this is the right description of what I am coding but please let me know.

I was doing some volunteer work at a hospital unrelated to coding and I found out that some doctors take 1-2 hours to do simple calculations to record their statistics every month. They do it all by hand and rarely use their computers.

I decided to write a simple HTML table so they can input their data then I wrote some JS functions to take the input and give out the statistics they needed within a click of a button. The hospital isn’t in the best condition so there was no way I was going to set up a server-side to handle the scripting so all the HTML, CSS, JS code is downloaded on the computer and the program can be used within a web browser by accessing the HTML file.

My question is that this type of coding does not use internet and relies on the computer to do the calculations so is this called client-side scripting? I was also wondering if this is an OK practice or are there easier/better ways of going about this?

I used what I know from HTML CSS and JS so I am unsure if it is OK to do this. The program is easy and works so in my opinion that is all they needed and they do not know anything about common coding practices there so I am asking for some info here.


Yes, anything that has to do within a browser and not be done on a server is called client-side scripting.

It depends because I don’t know what kind of calculations your doctors are doing. But from the sound of what you are explaining, it is simple enough that there needs not be any server validations. So it’s a good enough practice.

Just make sure to think of all the test cases and that your code accounts for them to avoid any errors or bugs.

It’s mostly about # of patients, area they are in, # per day and per month, their weight. Nothing crazy just basic math but there’s a lot to input.

I’m definitely testing it out alongside a doctor to make sure its all good.

Thanks for the reply!