Is this codepen issue?

Media queries stopped working, they were perfectly fine earlier.

What is happening that you believe the Media Queries stopped working? Please be a detailed as you can be so we can understand what you expect to see versus what you actually see.

Thank you.

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i have adjusted the width at certain breakpoints of<inputs> as well the faux table (formed using divs) is not showing as it should…

How do you expect it be showing at specific breakpoints? Please give an example. We do not know your expectations.

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please see this link…I had saved a back up in case some thing went wrong
shrink the window size…thats how the table should change

Thank you for responding I have got the answer.
The problem was I moved all my media queries at the top while reordering css…Now when I have moved all of them down the media queries work…
I thought order does not matters in css.

Does that mean media queries should be placed at the bottom in a css file always?

When ever you define how a property should behave at one point and then later define how it should behave, it will behave in the way it was defined last. So yes, many people put them at the bottom, but it is up to you.

Suggestion: Instead of naming your CSS class names and id names like #table-0, #table-1, etc… it would make it easier for someone reviewing your code if you named them for the sections they refer to. For example, #table-0 could be renamed to import-to-decision and #table-1 could be renamed to wait-time.

Just a suggestion. That way if you changed the order of the questions for some reason, you would not have to re-number the table-#.

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That is a great suggestion :+1: I would keep that in mind for future projects