Is This good enough for a month old programmer

Here’s something I built to test my knowledge of HTML and CSS that I learnt from freecodecamp I would like any suggestions or constructive criticism regarding general design responsiveness and accessibility. Thanks in andvance for taking the pain. I owe you one

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First thing I am noticing is that I am getting a horizontal scroll bar even when my browser is very wide.

Hi, thanks for taking the time and pain to review my work, unfortunately I didn;t notice any scrollbar on my own browser (Chrome Windows 10) below is a snip I took two minutes after your reply![no-scroll|690x366]

For a month old programmer, Nice Job! :+1:

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Thanks a lot, your words are a huge encouragement
:wave: :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Yes, it does seem to behave a little differently with Chrome than FF, I get the scroll bar much earlier with FF. But I still get one with Chrome, I just have to make it a little skinnier than with FF. Have you tried narrowing your browser in as far as it will go? At some point I bet you will get a scroll bar.

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Oh I see what you mean maybe its because of the typewriter text animation effect, that increases the padding or something like that I’ll check it later its pretty late in my part of the world 11;40pm

I think it looks great for a month. You’ve definitely practiced. I didn’t test at different screen sizes, but it looks good on my laptop using Chrome.

As for design, these are my opinions. I don’t have a design background, and I haven’t been doing this much longer than you.

  • I’m not a fan of the blinking red cursor.

  • Some people might think the play button icon should actually work.

  • It seems like most websites use box shadows on the cards to make them stand out more.

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Thanks a lot for reviewing it :clap: I used box shadow but it’s not so visible I guess since it’s color is still blue, The blinking red cursor is something I’m trying to resolve by setting limited animation iteration count, but well I’ll just have to squeeze in more time from my Javascript Learning