Is this portfolio good enough for landing a job?


I finished the front-end certification a month ago and since then, I’ve been putting some order into my projects and built a new portfolio.
I’d like to know your thoughts about it, it’s here :
The second site I showcase (Rodolf Vanthuyne) is not great because I did it almost two years ago but I don’t have anything else under my belt to replace it with.

So, the question is : If you were a recruiter or employer, what would you think of it ?


Looking good so far, but there are a couple of things that you might want to clear up before sending it out to the world.

Your tic-tak-toe doesn’t check for win conditions for the user.

Your Simons game seems to only load the sound into memory when you call an onClick method. Meaning that the first time the cpu plays a colour, it happens without sound.

Other things might be slightly picky and personal preference, in that I feel the travel distance between each section is a bit long on tablets. A few too many swipes for my liking.

Best of luck though!

As for the 2 year old site… Why not just update it? You’re trying to use it to get hired after all. It wouldn’t take that long to make a new tribute site given everything you’ve learned so far.

Hi Pixelbark,

Thanks a lot for your feedback. In the tic-tac-toe game, there seems to be an error in the algorithm as the player is not supposed to be able to win. I’ll fix that now, thanks for pointing it out.


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