Is this the right place for me?

I want to get some feedback on if this is the right place for me. Sorry if this is a little long winded, but I’m in a confused state right now.
A little background on me: I’m 27 years old. I’m coming up off a very long, drawn out phase of my life where health issues have plagued me and dragged me down to perhaps the lowest point I’ve ever been. These issues will never go away. I’ve had various levels of treatment over the course of my life, but I seem to always find my way back to the bottom of this cycle my life has become. Graduating high school is probably the only real achievement I have to my name. I tried college for a few years, but that didn’t work out. The only real jobs I’ve have are customer service/retail jobs, but none of them for very long. My life has been dark, but I’ve come upon a bout of optimism very recently.
I had seen some ads about web development courses, and that’s how I happened upon this site. The reason it attracted me is because technology has always been an anchor in my life. Something to hold on to when all other hope was lost. I dabbled in programming during my high school years and I always remembered enjoying it. I didn’t really go for it because my plan was to go into mathematics/engineering, but once that got derailed it threw my life for a loop. Not that the material was hard. I’ve always had an easy time with technical courses. It was the more freeform english and communications classes that walled me. I’ve always had a logical, rigorous mind.
Anyway, I thought this place might be able to help me. I’m not looking for a fast track to success or money, just a better way to go about things, a path that might help me finally make me proud of myself and the life I’m living.
There’s just a lot of things on my mind right now. After researching about code camps there are a lot of things that sound promising, and I enjoyed the bit of time I have spent here so far, but a lot of other things that scare me to death. I don’t want to be setting myself up for failure, but my alternative right now is to go back to a dead end job that got me into this mess in the first place.
Just looking for a bit of guidance.
Cheers to anyone who reads this.

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Hey, well for me it’s simple if you want it do it, there’s always an issue for everything, you will surely encounter some difficult things but even go through of them, keep motivated don’t worry many people did it so if they can you can. :muscle::muscle:

the programming industry has a lack of experts, but is overflowing with beginners. So, it is not easy to enter. Totally possible, but there is a good number of people wanting to do the same thing.
I really liked the book “So good they can’t ignore you”, it has a good mindest in there (coupled with a couple of his other books, Deep Work and Digital Minimalism, one could become unstoppable).

There is a lot of stuff, many languages, many technologies, always changing.
To start, and to continue, you just need to be open minded, keep learning, and ready to google the heck out of everything (this is a really important and underrated skill).

The freecodecamp curriculum is a good place to start, but it is not everything. Here for example a web dev rouadmap.

You could start with completing the freecodecamp curriculum, figure out if you like dev web, or moving to something else. At that point you would have already a bit of experience behind you about learning a language, and problem solving, that can be applied to any other language.

If you want to start a bit more general, and still applicable, there is the Computer Science Course from Harvard which goes through some basics and a few languages.
Including Scratch, which is interesting to a point. (There is a whole book on Scratch if you want to go deeper, and I hope not many more, even if it is a fun thing)

Really, a good developer is a good problem solver that can google stuff (or find stuff in provided documentation).