Is this the right place to advertise volunteer positions for a nonprofit's open source project?


The project is SUPER complex and we can use all the help we can get for front end / back end / SEO / SMM / content creation. If you are interested add me on Skype: gta-infotech. Maybe I should add that I am disabled, too. The potential for employment exists if we manage to generate revenue. I live in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. Remote contribution is perfectly okay.


Can you post a link to the code, or at least a page that describes the project? As far as I’m concerned, I think it’s great to advertise open source projects here so that students can contribute and learn.


Here is the link to the GitHub repo that has been worked on for two weeks - 30 hours a week by my developer Anil. Right in the master branch in the readme file you can catch me explaining everything to Anil. Here is the link: Please add me (gta-infotech) on skype for further info and to get involved.


A huge chat log dump doesn’t make for easy reading. Why not start by explaining what you want to build?


That’s just gonna duplicate the huge chat log over at GitHub. Please go through it. Anil is a very diligent developer and asked all the right questions and is gonna start working on documentation too. I am working full time with multiple disabilities. Simply don’t have the time. Hope you will do what’s right.


Gist: A universal pass for both online and offline lives that’s gonna facilitate online and offline sharing of resources while taking care of all the logic of which party is gonna be paid for the interaction and how much.


If you want people contributing you need to have a good documentation for the project and a list of issues with proper labels. Right now readme only includes dump of chats with some people. I have no idea what this project is about, what technologies are used, how I can deploy it locally and what there is to be done.


By the way there is no project code in the repo. VulcanJs boilerplate was copied to your project 11 days ago and that is it.


You have to look in other branches for other commits. I will ask the developer that I have hired and coached to stop coding and create a professional document.


Okay, I actually skimmed through some of it :laughing: and well…it looks like he wants to build an app to sell ads, pay to click advertising, something about bids, and a platform to make money by charging people for 3 different ad types.

So its not really a non profit, especially as he mentions he hired the developer working on it, looks more like hes just looking for more people to work on it for free. Which is fine Im sure people would be willing to help for the practice, but not truthful to say he needs volunteers for a nonprofit venture .and likely why so vague about what the app is for and that its actually a money making venture.

Also to note, he mentions disabilities a lot, but the app doesn’t seem to actually have anything to do with disabilities or helping people with them or anything of the sort…just selling ads.Not trying to be any kind of way, just that he makes it seem its of significance to the project, but its not.


I did not know nonprofit organizations were not allowed to ask for money to cover their cost of operation. Thank you so much for clearing that up for me. Also I had no idea that my health was better than Rockey in his prime. Sorry to disturb you all. I will now crawl into a corner and die.


Well you haven’t provided any information on your project so people are allowed to make their own conclusions.
I’m sure we are all sorry to hear about your health problems but do you really expect people to spend time on your project for free when you won’t even invest time into creating a normal readme file yourself?


I have no idea what you are talking about…

Of course, non profits often get funding to help cover cost of operation, but the very definition of a non profit is that the business does not exist for the purpose of making a profit.

You said you dont have time to explain what the project is about to go read the chat log and figure it out for ourselves… All I could find was discussion about building a platform for the purpose of selling ads…which makes it a for profit business. So if thats just a way to cover operation costs for the actual project then still at a total loss what the project is about. That’s really all anyone here is trying to figure out.

I didnt make any comment about how good or bad your health is…only that from the chat log you told us to go read, the project doesn’t seem to be about people with disabilities and though you bring it up, it doesn’t seem to be relevant to the project itself. But it might be, who knows…you do, but you won’t tell anyone.

The first rule of GoForItPass is: You do not talk about GoForItPass. The second rule of GoForItPass is: You do not talk about GoForItPass. :joy:


I simply am not able to. If you would be kind enough to read the “chat log dump” that would be awesome. If not give my developer a little time to create a professional doc. I already said this 5 comments ago that I would ask my developer to stop coding and get the doc ready.

Thanks for your interest all.


Please repost again when you have more information you’re willing to share about this project. Right now, it just sounds like a solicitation for free labor for a personal for-profit project.

Asking people to “do the what’s right” and “read the chat log dump” isn’t cool. You’re just wasting everyones’ time.

If you don’t even have the time to create a decent and detailed description of your project, how can you expect people to contribute their time and skill to this project?