Is this Tribute page OK ? :)

Hi everyone,
I would appreciate if you could review Tribute page I created :slight_smile:
If anyone has any suggestions please be honest :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance:slight_smile:slight_smile:

Yes. Better than a lot of people do, so good job. It’s for the most part responsive (i.e. works on small devices) and does its job well.

It looks a lot like the example. I know, I know, you are supposed to pattern it after it, and following the template is good as a beginner, and you have modeled it well. However, I’d like you to show some initiative and see what your creativity has to offer know that you have it complete.

The radio buttons are poorly spaced. You have the radio icons aligned on the left and the text in the center. Either put the text on the left next to the icon, or center align the icon with the text. If I was doing it, I would put the icon and the text together and center them both, like this:

The text at the bottom needs to be put together. It looks silly on different sides of the screen.

Well done, don’t spend too much time tweaking your work, as you will need all the time you can get for the portfolio project. Good luck!

Thank you very much, your suggestions are great, i will improve my first site thanks to you :slight_smile: this is the first time i make something like this so every suggestion means a lot!

very nice…well done:+1::+1: