Is this true for (Regular Expressions: Restrict Possible UsernamesPassed)


why isn’t this right ?
explain…i have given the link to the question!!


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Here is a very good analysis of what your RegEx is testing for:

Essentially, it looks for 1-∞ letters, then a single letter, then a single digit at the end of the string.
So the strings that will pass your RegEx must be: [at least 2 letters][only 1 digit].

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this solution is also wrong…please can u check and provide a correct solution with proper explanation.

My apologies for the confusion - I did not provide a solution, just the explanation for your solution. Our goal is to help you reach the solution yourself, not provide it for you. :slight_smile:

That being said, feel free to ask questions and share your code and we will help you get to the right regex!