Is this where I post questions about my tribute Page iCode?i

how do I include a link to my codepen code here, so I can ask u questions about it?

you can copy the link of the project in codepen, it will direct us your demo

1)I’d like to center the title with green letters. Could I get some guidance to realize this? 2) my image isn’t showing up, what’s the deal? Thanks

I have moved this to the #help category.

Can you post a link to your code?

Ben thank you :pray: I had posted the link in the post before yours. Should I repost it?

The link you put in your img’s src attribute is not an image. It is a link to a web page containing many images. You can click on the Visit Site link on the right side of the image and it will take you to a website with just that image on it. Then, you can right-mouse click on that image and select copy image address to use it for the src attribute. I have pasted it below.

Thank you Randell Dawson. Awfully kind of you. Much appreciated sir