Is to necessary to learn "HTTP" deeply to become full stack Web developer?

I know basics of “HTTP” such a HTTP message, request, response, status code, cache, URL encoding etc. But there are some books which covers HTTP in a broader perspective. Those books are 350 page or higher. Should I read those books to learn HTTP more deeply? Or It is unnecessary to learn HTTP so deeply to become a full stack developer. I want all of your guidance about this.

If you want to be professional in every area, especially in case of full stack developer, you should learn how things work from to fundament up and not only basics as you said about yourself. I have now 3 books upcoming for me to learn: 2 books of 850 pages each and one of 1200pages…

again, that only opinion, you can learn how you would like, but be prepared for the questions that would be asked by the recruiters, and I personally don’t think that they will be in “basics” level.

Thanks for your helpful answer