Is using outside/other's/3rd party fonts and images under personal use or commercial use?

Like the title says, I’ve been facing this dilemma where I use a font or image from some place where they specify they are free for personal use but not commercial use. So then I think about it when it comes to the projects here. For the one part it seems like personal use because you’re not actively trying to make money from these webpages but then on the other hand they are sort of our advertisment for ourselves as potential employees. So then which use woud it fall under?

Personal portfolio projects do not fall under ‘commercial use’.

A better way to address this Dilemma, is to use both Font and Images that allow for commercial use.

It is good to try to Use only Commercially viable Images and Fonts, to minimize problems that occur in an Unforseen Future.

Google fonts:
Flickr : CC Option for commercial use
Search: paris | Flickr

WIKI : Search media - Wikimedia Commons
Creative Commons: Openverse |

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